A journey with cogs and spirals –

He turned away from me, the better to hide the exclamation of annoyance which he muttered under his breath; I caught only what seemed to be the syllable cog (perhaps a reference to my mechanical trade) and the word succour (a prayer for divine assistance?).”
K.W. Jeter, Infernal Devices

A Clockwork Spiral is currently going on with all sorts of steam punk inspired goodness available by various designers. The proceeds of this event go to and benefit the National Kidney Foundation. Not only does this event host a plethora of designers, but the money goes to a great cause.


Bombs Away - A Clockwork Spiral

It is that time of year again, and I was so overwhelmed in enjoyment for the stuff that I have seen so far as well as clawing my way from that nether verse known as real life that it took a moment to catch my breath.  However, I have found my way to other side, and I must say that I always enjoy the variety that this event has to offer.   I was inspired to jump onto my airship after ‘Talk like a Pirate’ day came and went recently, so .. “Yar!”


So the journey begins as the I Regret Nothing Airship takes off into the skies.. next stop, land of cogs ho!
ACS Cogs Journey

ACS Cogs Journey Ahoy!

Soon enough, I come to one of my favorite places, which is the sim known as the Forgotten City. I had covered this in another blog entry, and it really a great place to just explore, especially if you love automatons and such themes.   So I make a landing and find my way over to find a ship that needs my tinkering skills, and I am not disappointed to find a bit of work on deck.


ACS Cogs Journey 4

ACS Cogs Journey 3

Every mechanic deserves good nails, and the good thing is that does not really chip?  How?  That is my secret!

ACS Cogs Journey Nails

I almost forgot this fabulous set of ruby heels!  Dorothy would even like these, I think.


ACS Shoes

Well, I should get to working on those engines!  Don’t forget to hop your airship, or however you travel, to check out “A Clockwork Spiral”, which is still going until October 1st!



Credits –

Embarking on a journey pictures –

Location – My home – Prop – Pirate Chicken Airship 2.1 by AleyMart! – AleyMart! by Aley (Available on the marketplace for free!)

A mechanic’s work is never

done pictures –

Location – The Forgotten City

Goggles – ~SongBird~ Engineer Goggles : Gun Metal – SongBird by Nimil Blackflag (Available at A Clockwork Spiral now!)

Choker – Lolapop La Flor de la Muerte Necklace – Black – Lolapop by Lola79 Hienrichs (Available at A Clockwork Spiral now!)

Wrench Prop and Pose – {Rook} Wrenched (M/F) – Rook Poses by Nadia Voljeti (Available at A Clockwork Spiral now!)

Nail Polish (For Slink! Hands) – *Atomic Faery* Faerycog Nails – Atomic Faery by Aribeth Zelin (Available at A Clockwork Spiral now!)

Outfit (Top and Pants, comes with boots too, which are not pictured) – !TLB – Steam Outlaw/Red – The Little Bat by Drusilla Dethly (Available at A Clockwork Spiral now!)

Shoes – -{ZOZ}- Iona Heels – Ruby (slink high) – (For Slink! High Feet) – {ZOZ} by Zozicon Resident (Available at A Clockwork Spiral now!)

Hair – *Calico* Marian – Blacks – Calico Hair by Calico Ingmann (Available at the current round of We Roleplay)

Skin – [the Skinnery] Xiao – Bare face(milk) – The Skinnery  by Umazuma Metaluna

Eyes – Eyes – [theSkinnery] Lovers eye-Gold – The Skinnery  by Umazuma Metaluna

Ears – [theSkinnery] Elongated Puki Ears – The Skinnery  by Umazuma Metaluna

Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Slink by Siddean Munro

Feet – Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High – Slink by Siddean Munro


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