It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas .. –

The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.
George Carlin

I always enjoy the season, even if not always in the same ways that others do.  It is a rather commercialized tradition these days with one holiday barely ending before we have the stuff out for the next.  The interesting thing about this time of year is the cycle from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the culmination in New Year’s.

Invasion of the North Pole

Invasion of the North Pole

Move over, Grinch! Muse McScrooge shall ruin Christmas..

Still, even I, Muse McScrooge, enjoy certain things around this time of year, such as seeing snow on the ground and tinsel in trees.. Within SL, we have already started to a see a slew of events from hunts, such as the MadPea’s Holiday Havoc Hunt, which seems to cover that very thing I mentioned of the holiday cycle that has already started.

The MadPea’s Holiday Havoc Hunt runs from December 1 – January 7, and it should have a rather full gamut of holiday products and madness.

The SL Christmas Expo starts on the 5th of December and runs through December 15, and the sim looks great. With the snow and the shops around the sim, it reminds me of something out of a Charles Dicken’s novel.  It supports ‘Relay for Life’ so proceeds got to a great cause.

The SL Christmas Expo 2013

One of the beautiful views at the SL Christmas Expo


Picture one and two –

Santa Hat – *Edelweiss* Santa Hat02 – Edelweiss by Moeka Kohime – (Santa Hat Accessory pack free on the Marketplace!)

Hair – -LaViere- Natsya  Greyscale – LaViere by Azure Electricteeth and Justice Topaz (Available at current round of Collabor88.)

Dress – -RD- Mesh Dress Christmas – Random Design by SayaYutani Resident (Available on Marketplace for $11 L.)

Gloves – [UN] Sandy Claws – Unrepentant by Jalynne Ohmai (Available as part of the MadPea’s Holiday Havoc Hunt.)

Boots and Legband – *{ SeVered GarDeN }* BELLE – xmas red – Severed Garden by Berta Avro

Lights and Pose – SSP Christmas Lights – Sparrowtree Studio Poses by Calypso Sparrowtree – (Available for $1 L on the Marketplace.)

Northpole Sign and Bag Prop – Dondi’s Doodads Santa’s Come and Get It – Dondi’s Doodads by Dondi Lynwood (Available on the Marketplace.)

Santa Claus ‘Rug’ – LaFrayeur : The Addams Family_Santa Claus Rug – LaFrayeur by Requiem Darkrose


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