Living dead girl –

A zombie film is not fun without a bunch of stupid people running around and observing how they fail to handle the situation.
George A. Romero

Living Dead Girl - Cheese!

Something wicked this way comes, and that is why I love this time of year in real life as well as Second Life.  Perfect Wardrobe, which was an event that I recall in the past, just returned, and this round fit the Halloween spirit.   All of the items at this event are 90 lindens, and no more than that.

I have always loved the movie, Edward Scisssorhands, by Tim Burton, and a recent stop by Remarkable Oblivion, fulfilled my goal of having hands just like Edward’s.  I went home to trim up some trees around my home, and well, I think the zombies followed me from the other night.  A stab in the heart later, and after a brief scuffle over my brains, I was staggering to my next destination, which was the haunted Cherry Hill Mines, the location of the market and haunted mines sponsored by Oceania Breedables. This event runs to November 1st.

"Brainss.. brains... cows?"

“Brainss.. brains… cows?”

I found the location rather soothing in its darkness and the smell of burnt cow flesh was ..

Living Dead Girl - Close up

From what I gather, you can even get a tour of the mines here, and the schedule can be found on a sign near the entrance.  Well, being dead on arrival certainly has had its fun.  I better return to the search for livers for now!


Living Dead Girl - Search for brains.


Designer Credits –

Hair – [taketomi] Nya Blacks – Taketomi – Bella Earst

Eyes – [theSkinnery] Lovers eye-Gold – The Skinnery – Umazuma Metaluna

Skin – Corvus : Zara Skin – Corvus – Lori Stanton – (Group gift – Free – Available on Marketplace)

Mask –  [ContraptioN] Masks: The Blood – Contraption – Faust Steamer (Available at the current Genre event)

Hands – RO – Scissorhands – Remarkable Oblivion – Axsisthorn Resident

Dress (Includes dress, boots, knife accessory, blood tattoos, veil) – [DB] D.O.A OUTFIT – [Dumb Blonde] – Evony Silverblade (Available @ Perfect Wardrobe)

Headband – [tea.s] Brainz Headband – Zombie/Red – [Tea.s] – Tea Soup [Available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Pose – Zombie –  [LA] Halloween Poses- Posespack – Evangeline Cortes (Free on Marketplace)

Location – Cherry Hill Haunted Mines


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