The way of the Cog –

“Compared to the power of the sun, everything else is a joke, including all the wrenches, clockwork, springs and even your steam”
― Andrius B. Tapinas, Hour of the Wolf

The cogs, the steam, and I love steampunk!  Finally, some pictures of what I found at this event, rather than just landscape shots.

I hit the Midville Midway Gacha Expo Event (Can you say that mouthful twice as fast?) in the sim of Mieville Shelley.  My last entries provided the tease to titillation of the event’s start on October 15 with a variety of merchants filling the booths.  The first thing that you may notice on starting your journey into this land inspired by Halloween and cogs is surrealistic landscape decorated by designer, Jalynne Ohmai, the mind and muscle behind Unrepentant.  Jalynne is known on the grid for her original and full perm mesh packs, which include everything from wings to hats.   There is also a wonderful carousel designed by A Beautiful Disaster (beautifuldisaster104)  of Disastrous Beauty.  My other entry has pictures of me holding on for dear life to the back of a clown car as I go around and around ..


Around and around she goes - Mieville Midway Gacha Expo


After getting myself dizzy on the back of that carousel and first walking around the sim to enjoy the atmosphere, I then hit the various booths.  You can find clothing, jewelry, textures, buildings, and more at the event, which runs until October 31.  There are a lot of great designers here, including hair by one of my favorite hair designers, Calico Ingmann, Play Dead, run by JoseDiego Siverspar, who does some nice punk accessories, and some great masks by Chimeric Fashions, run by Punkerella Summers.

I’ve included some pictures  of some of the items that can be found at the event, and that caught my eye.  There was even more that I could have put in here, but I could take those pictures all day long.  The best way to find out for yourself is head to the Mieville Midway Gacha Event.  You will find a lot of booths, and then the gachas are in the center, which is pretty easy to find in one big booth.


Mieville Midway Gacha Expo

Teatime in Mieville Midway

Having tea in between shopping, never a bad thing!

Spin those gears, Ms. DJ!

Spin the gears, Ms. DJ!

While shopping, I also found a great DJ booth that could come in handy at some of the gigs I do.  This booth is Julia’s Steampunk DJ Booth by Julia Collection, which is designed by Julez Odigaunt.


Designer Credits for Outfit in pictures –

Items from the Mieville Midway Gacha Event:

Hat – * GOTHIC’S MUSING * Gothic’s Toy Train Hat -* GOTHIC’S MUSING – low-prim whims & wonders * – Gothicmuse Resident

Cane – Icosahedron Cane (Mesh) – Urid Dal’s Hat Shop – Urid Dal

Necklace – RFC – Spider Pendant –  Demon – Rainy Fey Creations – Nyree Rain

Mask – Spyralle Clockwork Owl Mask – Bronze Pearl – Kerryth Tarantal

Boots – AZ Steam split hoof boots SB – A and S Visions – Aftershock Ziplon

Wings – [UN] Unseelie Wings (P) – Carnival RARE – Unrepentant – Jalynne Ohmai

Other outfit credits (not from the Mieville Midway Gacha Event):

Dress and Astrolabe arm accessories – Steampunk Acopalyse by League – Nena Janus

Hair – [LeLutka]-SCARLET hair (Mesh) – Pitch – Lelutka – Thora Charron

Eyes – [theSkinnery] Lovers eye-Gold – The Skinnery – Umazuma Metaluna

Items in picture two from the Mieville Midway Gacha Event –

Corvid, Cecropia & Chiroptera  Mounted DIsplay (For sale in her booth for 100 lindens) – Belle’s Cabinet – Vermilion Belle (wenmcken resident)

Pewter Tesla Chair – Decadent Courtesan – Kitty (vanyi resident), Riven (lrriven resident), and Fia (fianah.mistwood)

Teacup – VT Catrina de Muertos Teacup Mixta – The Vintage Touch – Elysiane Sapphire

Pumpkin – ~L/Fx~COMMON Muddy Punkin – “Gourd” McT – Lantian Flox – Wyvern Dryke

Table – TDF’s Steam Table Green RARE – The Dark Fae – Corvi Ashdene


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