Fantasy Gacha Fair for October! –

The start of October brings on Halloween, the feeling of Autumn, and the return of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival  Event in SL, which can be found here.

Picture of the Fantasy Gacha Fair arrival point.

Picture of the Fantasy Gacha Fair arrival point.

This event was pretty fabulous the last time around, and I was not disappointed this time either.  A great variety of designers have put together goods to offer in a setting that is decorated for Halloween, which, of course, suits the month that we find ourselves in.

I managed to put together a Naga look using the great new mesh naga tails from !DM Deviousmind.  The Lamia series with its naga accessories is pretty sweet looking.   I also picked up from bracers from “The Forge” as well as other stuff, which I put pictures up here a bit later today as well as mention some of the other things that I found that lend toward great looks for role play or just hanging around in Second Life.

One tip for people going to these things – please leave your particles at home.  I arrived to a huge cloud of particles from one or two people, and these events already lag as it is with all the people there.



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