Bright, shiny, and new! –

Yet another blog?  That is what crossed my mind when I thought to even try my hand at blogging again, much less for what I do in Second Life.  A lot of what I do is just explore, hang out with friends, listen to live music, enjoy the fashion, and role play.  The last thing in that list is really a lot of what still draws me to SL after all this time.

Most of us might realize by now, a lot of SL is reinvention, the wheel turning back around, and just more of the same old stuff with a new label slapped on it.   Still, that is just what life is, really.  A new idea takes off from an older one, and man still finds that invention is not the only mother that births ideas.   With this blog, I will just flounder my way through SL one day at a time.

Anecdotes, not so great pictures, and cheesy humor are all hallmarks of my experience so far!



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