I joined up in some roleplaying sims in Second Life as well as finally got a mesh head from Vista for the Muse.  Dusted off another old avatar that I use for RP and updated there a little bit as well.

More to possibly come.


Been a while.

I am uncertain on returning to blogging, but definitely back for role play exploration, helping with Unrepentant and other things.  Blogging about SL stuff again?


Updating, moving –

The former is what I am going to do with my blog to get current again before fully diving back into my own blogging for SL.  The second one applies to what I have been doing in the last month or two as we switch houses from the old one.

I really have missed doing this, and mainly, I have been keeping up with Unrepentant as we are setting up a new blog and domain of its own there.

Social Networking: Plurk and Avatar Social Network

A pretty good article on two resources and fun sites to widen your blogging audience, so I will just put this here.

SL Blogger Support

In previous articles I have gotten into the use of Flickr and how to use it to expand your audience of your blog and this time I will cover two other Social Networks that are both heavily used by Second Life residents – bloggers, creators, artist and designers: Plurk and Avatar Social Network.
Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you are even active on one (or both), but I am sure a lot of fellow bloggers are not.

asn and plurk - I

Yes, it is really named that way. People on Plurk are called ‘Plurkers’ and just like you tweet on Twitter, you well…plurk on Plurk.
Plurk (it is free)  is best decribed as some kind of Twitter, as the updates..sorry, plurks, are brief, usually accompanied with an image, link to a blog or a youtube.  The socalled:  micro blogging.

There are also mobile apps for Plurk, making it…

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Quick update

No fancy pictures and pretty words ..yet.  I just want to leave anyone that cares know that I have been dealing with medical issues and hospital time for myself and my better half.  This has lightened up this week to allow me to get back into catching with blogging.

I thank everyone in advance for any patience and understanding.

The Dreaded Blogger’s Block (And How You Can Deal With It!)

The Dreaded Blogger’s Block (And How You Can Deal With It!). — I found this a really great post to read and want to share it. It is by Kitty O’Toole, who has her own blog at

As a blogger, I have had periods of blogger’s block where nothing seems to really inspire me. So, reading this is good to know that others have dealt with this as well as ways to deal with it.